The Introvert’s Guide To Career Success

Advertisements I always knew I was an introvert but earlier in my career I felt insecure about it. Thinking I had to be more extroverted but I learned that is not necessarily the case. The main key is to always be yourself but you do have to participate sometimes especially with your boss. Read onContinue reading “The Introvert’s Guide To Career Success”

Weekend Streamer: Empowered Women Movies You Must Watch

Advertisements Getting ready for the weekend and need some good movies to watch? Not to worry, Streamer is here with “Empowered Women” movies that are a must watch. If you love actress, Jessica Chastain, you will love this list. If you’ve seen these movies, well just watch them again especially the first one on myContinue reading “Weekend Streamer: Empowered Women Movies You Must Watch”

The Student Debt Manifesto E-Book Preview

Advertisements Published by Whitney Hughes at Smashwords Copyright © 2020 by Green Manifesto Books LLC, Whitney Hughes All rights reserved. No part of this e-book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer whoContinue reading “The Student Debt Manifesto E-Book Preview”

How Your Habits Are Costing You Money

Advertisements What you think, put into your body, and do with your money greatly affects your financial security. A positive mind will attract positive energy while a negative mind will attract negative energy. In this post, I want to talk about the top mind, body and money sins that impair financial security. These sins includeContinue reading “How Your Habits Are Costing You Money”

Should You Invest in Real Estate When You Have Student Loan Debt?

Advertisements Kyle has $32K in student debt, $60K in savings and $75K in his 401K. He wants to invest in a real estate property. Should he? This is a no brainer. Kyle needs to pay off his student loans off first by using his savings. He should keep 1-2 years of living expenses in savingsContinue reading “Should You Invest in Real Estate When You Have Student Loan Debt?”


Advertisements Masks. Hate them, love them; they are here to stay. I hope you are wearing yours whenever you go outside. I hope you are staying safe. However, as we all know by now that masks are causing havoc on our skin. I feel like my skin has warped back to High School because IContinue reading “PERSONAL CARE DURING COVID-19”

How To Stop Being Broke: Your Money Evolution

Advertisements Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you cry yourself to sleep because you’re in so much debt? Do you hate your job and/or your boss? Then this post is for you. First, you’ve got to get a sense of what you’re spending each month so take out a piece of paperContinue reading “How To Stop Being Broke: Your Money Evolution”

How To Manage Student Loan Debt With Other Debt?

Advertisements Kayla has a low FICO score, car debt, student loan debt and credit card debt. She is also underemployed making $10 an hour with zero savings. How should she handle her debt? She should keep making the minimum payments towards her student loans and tackle the debt with the highest interest. By doing thisContinue reading “How To Manage Student Loan Debt With Other Debt?”

Life Insurance: What to get and what to avoid

Advertisements Samantha just got eligible for benefits at her new job. She is being offered life insurance, but she is single and has no dependents. She has $20k in student loans and no other debts. Should she get insurance? No. Life insurance should only be purchased if you have dependents like young children. If sheContinue reading “Life Insurance: What to get and what to avoid”