The Introvert’s Guide To Career Success


I always knew I was an introvert but earlier in my career I felt insecure about it. Thinking I had to be more extroverted but I learned that is not necessarily the case. The main key is to always be yourself but you do have to participate sometimes especially with your boss. Read on to learn a few good tips I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Focus on skills and brag about your accomplishments to your boss. Always keep learning and enhancing your skills. This is really important because it allows you to increase your salary which ties into the bragging. A great online education portal is Coursera which offers affordable courses, certificates and degrees. When acquiring new skills, you should also look for ways to improve processes and/or reduce expenses at work and brag about these accomplishments to your boss. Know your worth and ask for a raise.
  2. Key players to talk to are your boss and his/her bosses: It is critical that you are in your boss’ good graces and make an effort to speak with him or her. Do get them birthday and Christmas gifts. Ask for their advice which is a great conversation to have and people always love giving their inputs. You should also make an effort to speak with your boss’ boss and ensure they know your name.
  3. Don’t take sh** from anyone at work but keep it classy: Say someone tries to steal your idea at work, don’t let that slide. Make sure your boss knows it was your idea. Don’t curse at work though. Always keep it professional. You are important even though you prefer to be quiet. Sometimes you do have to speak up and not let yourself be a doormat.
  4. Save your money and Invest Wisely: You may get along with your boss but they will never care about you as much as you care about yourself. Make sure you are saving your money and investing wisely. See our investing guide here.
  5. Be responsible and dependable: Always get to work on time, double check your work before you send it and ask if you can help with anything else.
  6. The pleasantries are important: Do say “Good Morning”, when you come into work to everyone you see and with a smile. At the end of the day, do say, “Good Night”, to your boss and whomever is in your surrounding area. If you’re feeling up to it on Monday mornings, try to ask someone how their weekend was. I know sometimes that can cause anxiety for some people but I promise they won’t bite.
  7. Participate in after work drinks and office parties: Occasionally do accept the after work invitation for drinks but per my 4th tip don’t make it a habit. Once a month is okay or even once every two months because drinks are expensive and not a wise way to spend money. After work drinks will allow you to make more meaningful connections with your colleagues and make connections that could help your career. Do attend the office holiday party even if its just for an hour or so; make it an hour and a half. Its another opportunity to participate in conversation with your boss, colleagues and your boss’ bosses.

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