How Your Habits Are Costing You Money


What you think, put into your body, and do with your money greatly affects your financial security. A positive mind will attract positive energy while a negative mind will attract negative energy. In this post, I want to talk about the top mind, body and money sins that impair financial security. These sins include emotional eating, retail therapy, hoarding, alcohol, and poor exercise.

Firstly, let us begin with emotional eating. Many people use food to suppress their feelings rather than facing them head-on. Emotional eating leads to over-eating that can then cause obesity or an eating disorder. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on a bad day but if you feel sad all the time, you can’t be binging on ice cream every day. Try listening to your favorite songs and add some dancing too for a bit of exercise. As many research studies have discovered, exercise does make you feel happier. Relying on food to make you feel better is not a healthy practice which can cost you big time on medical bills.

Secondly, retail therapy. Let us not go shopping! Try going into your closet and see how many items you actually wear versus the quantity of items that are actually in there. Also check to see how many items still have tags on them. Shopping is another way of suppressing your feelings and buying things to make yourself feel better. You may have a lot of nice things, but you are also broke and you feel even worse. Sell items you do not wear nor use and use the profits to pay off debts. How do you stop shopping? Grab a notebook and write down what you are feeling. Then say this, “I do not need things to make me happy.” If you want to be financially secure and powerful, you must be happy with your needs not your wants. Wants are vampires that drain your bank account and leave you feeling stressed and unhappy. Wants are buying a $1k Apple phone because all your friends have it, and you fear they will not like you anymore if you do not get it too. Friends that drop you over that were never your friends to begin with and you are better off buying Apple stock and making money while you sleep. Buying things, you do not need and/or cannot afford just leads to debt and storage fees. Basically, you are working 9 to 5 at a job you may hate to feed your addiction. You have no freedom. You are the hamster on the wheel getting nowhere.  

Thirdly, hoarding. Shopping and hoarding go hand in hand because you accumulate things you do not need. This leads to storage fees which will drain your bank account whereas this money could have been invested in an index fund, used to pay off debts or used for a down payment on a house. Hoarding is a disease. Have you ever seen the Hoarders TV show? People want to feel like they are in control when they are not. If you find you are a hoarder, you should speak with a psychiatrist.

Fourthly, alcohol. Hold the beer and the mimosas! If you find you need a drink at 7am then you need to sign up for an AA meeting. This is another bank account drainer. It also causes pain for the many families that have dealt with or lost a family member due to alcoholism. Life sometimes deals us a bad hand or a bad day, but alcohol is not a solution. Talking to someone is cheaper and healthier. You do not need liquid courage; you need a strong support group. Choose your friends wisely so that you always have someone to be there for you when you need them. Do not get me wrong, it is okay to drink with friends occasionally but drinking all the time is not good for your health nor your bank account especially if you have student loans.

Lastly, exercise. You have heard this before; exercise is crucial for your health, but it also will save you money coupled with a healthy diet. Poor exercise and an unhealthy diet will lead to bad health and medical bills. Skip the hospital and medical bills and workout at least 4 times a week. You can even make it as simple as walking around the park for an hour each day. Love yourself because you are worthy of it.

Emotional eating, retail therapy, hoarding, alcohol, and poor exercise routines are money vampires that will leave you broke, unhappy and in financial ruin. I hope this section has sparked something in you to make a change in your life. You work hard for your money so do not be a slave to it. Make it work hard for you instead. Use it to pay off your debts not your wants. Remember that these money sins will keep you on that hamster wheel and that is a sad scene. You are not an animal, you are a strong, capable, and fierce human being. You deserve to be financially secure and powerful. Respect your money and yourself.

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