Finding Student Debt Freedom


New E-Book Aims to Eradicate Most Student Loan Debt

The Student Debt Manifesto: How to pay off student loans faster and gain financial freedom, is a new motivational and personal success e-book by up-and-coming Latinx author, Whitney Hughes that could help with the current student debt crisis.

[Clifton, NJ, USA] Surviving the student debt crisis by escaping bad money habits and quickly learning the financial strategies to student debt and financial freedom is what the new e-book, “The Student Debt Manifesto: How to pay off student loans faster and gain financial freedom” by Latinx author Whitney Hughes aims to convey to the millions of people drowning in student debt.

“Knowledge is power when dealing with student debt and is the key to unlocking those debt chains faster”, says Whitney Hughes, author of “The Student Debt Manifesto: How to pay off student loans faster and gain financial freedom” e-book.

Whitney Hughes, from Clifton, NJ USA, graduated college in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Marketing. Right away she received a marketing internship at Fuse TV and kept working in the field for about two years and then realized it was not for her. She had $30K in student debt and was not much of a saver back then either.

In 2012, she found herself working at her local Stop &Shop making $8 an hour with zero savings. She had hit rock bottom and decided things needed to change. She went to her local library and read all the books she could find relative to personal finance. Through the knowledge she gathered she set up auto-withdrawal from her checking to her savings, saving 33% of her cashier paycheck at the time each week. She taught herself QuickBooks and got a Bookkeeper position in 2015 making $45K a year.

She started making extra-payments of $300 a month on top of her minimum student loan payment of $132. She then added SQL programming skills to her resume by taking online courses through Khan Academy and Codecademy; this in turn helped her land her current job as a Business Analyst in 2018 making a salary between $72-75K range. This proves that when there is a will, there is a way.

By 2018, she had over $30,000 in savings and continued her online learning. The skills she learned and applied to her current job allowed her to advance in her career and increase her salary coupled with her aptitude for being a problem solver. “I always look for ways to improve processes at work and reduce expenses. This in turn helped me get significant raises which allowed me to save over 50% of my salary and increase my extra payments to $500-700 a month,” says Whitney Hughes. On July 22, 2019, she officially paid off her student loans. Mind you, she was living with her parents while doing all of this. She also kept her expenses low and maintained a frugal lifestyle by using the knowledge she gathered from all those personal finance books.

“The Student Debt Manifesto” e-book teaches the key money moves that people dealing with student loan debt can apply immediately in their lives. It provides tools, tips, and tricks for paying off student loans faster, managing student debt with other debt, how to plan for retirement, how to invest and save money. This e-book is for the do it yourself go-getters that do not wait for bailouts; for the ones that get things done.

15% of the profits will go to the Feeding America organization because she created the e-book to help people she says.

The Student Debt Manifesto e-book can be purchased through her website at It is also available at Apple, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You can follow her Instagram @greenmanifestobooks and Twitter @BooksManifesto.

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